Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Let the Nesting Begin!

Yesterday was the first day that I really noticed that I am nesting... (you know that crazy prego thing that happens when you have this crazy urge to organize and clean stuff)  Well, It's in full force.  I cleaned 3 cabinets yesterday.  
One was the cabinet above the toilet in the boys bathroom.  I had been meaning to go through and get rid of old medicines, etc. It went further than that... major organizing!  My dear hubby came in and caught me standing on the toilet going through items that needed to be thrown away... He swiftly made me get down!  LOL I am so independent and stubborn haha!  He got everything down for me so I wouldn't have to be standing on the toilet in my big belly prego condition.  I am lucky to have a sweet man!  
Anyway!  Let the Nesting Begin!  I warned the guys that if they can't find something it's probably because I organized it!  

Do any of you have funny nesting stories!  Please share in the comments!

Thats all for now!

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