Friday, January 13, 2012

My Navigator

I found a new way to keep the boys (or at least Cody) busy while in the Car driving to and from the babysitter's house... I was looking for something to give to Garrett on Monday on the ride home.  Something for him to play with that would occupy him, but that he couldn't destroy.  I didn't have any toys in the car and he was bored and crying.  I noticed the Albuquerque map that I had in my door cubby.  It's laminated and folds up and I really didn't even need it anymore... Perfect!  So I handed it back to him and he was happy.  Cody then of course wanted to play with it.  

So, I started a game.  Garrett is telling me where to go... he's the Navigator... and Cody can be the Translator... you can tell me what Garrett is saying.  You know cause he talks baby and I don't.  ;-)  Anyway Garrett got bored with the map pretty quickly and took over playing with Cody's toy cars and Cody took the map.  He loved it.  He told me to turn here and go straight.  "Head toward the Highway Mom!"  So, he has started being the Navigator on the way to the babysitter's and on the way home.  

So, funny how something like that out of desperation for something to occupy Garrett would come up.  He may get tired of it quickly... who knows!  I think it's pretty cute, and kinda fun for me too!


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