Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Happy Birthday Caelan

I started out the day Saturday with decorating Caelan's Birthday Cake.  I had an idea of what I wanted to do, but I wasn't too sure how well it was going to turn out.  I am really pleased with how it turned out.  Chocolate cake with green frosting in the middle of the two layers.  Chocolate frosting on the outside.  Caelan loves Reese's so I got some mini Reese's and put those on the sides and on the top.

After decorating the cake I was a busy busy bee cleaning and decorating for the party.  The party started at 6. Caelan showed up around noon.  He had spent the night at his best friend Ethan's house.  Ethan came with him and was going to spend the night at our house.

 The first to arrive was Caelan's sister Alyssia.  You should have seen Caelan's face.  He was so excited and happy to see his big sister.  He didn't believe me that I invited her.  :-)  We got to meet Alyssia's boyfriend, Jesse.  Thank you guys so much for coming!  It meant so much to Caelan!

People started showing up... Caelan's Grandpa Greg and Jenida... Aunt Dee... Nan Nan and Paw Paw... Our little apartment was pretty full, but everyone had a good time.  Great food (thank you Nan Nan and Paw Paw for the burgers and hotdogs) Great memories!

Cody and Garrett decided to tackle big brother!

Grandpa Greg and Jenida

Ethan was really into the game he was playing!

Cody and Garrett showing off!

A lovely picture of me!  Thank you Paw Paw!  Great timing catching me making my favorite face!

We have discovered Cody is just like his Mama... He loves Watermelon!

Brian and Paw Paw talking

Caelan opening gifts

Brian holding Garrett who was munching on ice


Star Wars Kinect 

Cody learns his face making from his Mama!

Showing off his new MP3 player

Brian tryiing to light the candles... Paw Paw trying to help.  The  Air conditioner wasn't making it very easy to do this.

Happy Birthday to you...

Happy Birthday to you...

Happy Birthday dear Caelan!  

Happy Birthday to you!

We had a little surprise for Caelan after gifts and cake!

Here he goes to his DOOM!

LOL aren't water balloons just so much fun!

and the war was on!

Cody wanted in on the action!

Some where around here the camera lady got nailed by her loving sweet husband!

I handed off the camera to Paw Paw... I was plotting my revenge right here!

Aww He's so sweet he let me pop it on his head! LOL

He loves me!

this one makes me laugh!

Nan Nan and Garrett

I'm gonna get you!

Frisbee fun!

Look at that toungue!  I think it helps me throw better!

He was so excited when he caught it!

Me too!

Sweet boy!  Love those eyes!

Sweet brother's giving hugs!

I got you! No I got you! LOL

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