Thursday, May 31, 2012

Playing outside! February

My boys are real boys in that they like to play outside and they usually want to get dirty and they play rough!  I wouldn't expect it any other way.  I have 3 brother's myself so I was well prepared for the true "boyness" that I get to enjoy everyday!  I do love watching my boys playing and having a good time.  

Like most boys my guys love their super hero's!  So, why not have a little super hero war if the opportunity comes up!  

Cody playing with "Dude"  yes Dude because that is the only name I know for this young man.  Dude because that is the only name Cody know for this young man... I asked Cody if he knew his real name... He said no and he really didn't seem bothered by it!  :-)

Garrett has decided he want's in on the Super Hero Glory!

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