Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Back to School 2013

Howdy Everyone!  

So, this is a few days late... this prego lady is running out of gas these days.  I have decided I have to plan better and smarter on what I can accomplish in a day.  Me and my stubborn self did so much yesterday that I could hardly walk by the end of the day!  Ya real smart!  Anyway, I have some plans on being able to get what I want do and what needs to be done in a more balanced way.  

Cody at breakfast

Cody is so excited for 1st Grade!

My boys!

Monday was the first day of school for my kiddo's.  Cody was very excited to start First Grade and at a new school since we had moved at the end of last year.  
This little boy loves to pose for pictures!

This boy is growing up so fast!
Caelan is a Sophmore this year he was excited... to get to see his friends. LOL He is doing good at getting up and ready with out any drama.  I guess this Mamma needs to learn to let go during the summer and let him be a teenager... 

Garrett kept asking if he was going to school.  We told him he was staying home for school and his teacher is Mrs. Mamma! LOL  He is such a smartie. 

Love the face in this one! LOL

Cuties!  Garrett had to be in the pic too!

Cody insisted I had to get my picture too!

We are doing great on the getting ready in time for when we need to go.  In fact they have been ready with time to spare and they drive me crazy for 15 min until it's time to go.  Oh, well better then running around like chickens with our heads cut off.  

Love these boys
Aww so sweet!

Cody in front of school

Garrett had to have his pic taken too!

Cody in his class

I am excited for the new year and all that it holds.  I am so proud of my boys and I know they will do great this year!

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