Monday, August 5, 2013

New House!!!

Our New House!!!

One of the first nights that we took stuff to the house


Boys hanging out before we moved in 
As we started moving in

February 2013
Gosh it seems late to be finally putting this on here, but I’ve been a very busy lady and there just has not been time.  I see that changing in the future!  We started moving into our new house the beginning of February.  We took whatever we could fit in our cars in loads ever night that first week of February.  We did the big move that following weekend. 
I was amazed at how much stuff we fit into that apartment!  I kept thinking how did all of this stuff fit in here.  We now have so much more room and we love it.  There is a big room for the kids to play and for the big “kids” to play!  A backyard that the boys can go outside and play whenever they want to.  It is really great! 
We feel so blessed and again I am amazed by God’s amazing timing.  Everything works out!


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