Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The BIG Snow Storm of 2013!!!

The Boys and I all bundled up to go out in the snow!

The view from our garage

My hubby shoveling the snow

February 25, 2013
We had been hearing that this storm was going to be big!  It wasn’t that I didn’t believe them… I just didn’t believe them!  Holy Moly!  Look at all that snow!  So Mom and Dad stayed home and there was no school!  In fact no one was going anywhere even if they wanted to!  So we had fun!... ventured out to get some wood from the shed in the back to have a fire, and let the kids play a little.  It was so deep that it was really hard to do much of anything.  Brian and I ventured out to start to clear the driveway later in the afternoon and realized very quickly this was going to be a big job.  Plus we didn’t even have any shovels!  Luckily we have really nice neighbors!  They even helped dig us out some.  We got close, but not close enough to actually get to the road.  So, it was very clear that no one was going anywhere the next day either.  

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