Tuesday, October 11, 2011

A Lovely Afternoon...

A few weeks ago it was so nice outside that all of us... me and the 4 males of the house... went outside to" play."  Cody was kicking his soccer ball around, and just running (that kid does love to run).  Garrett was crawling around, and watching all of us (this was a short while before he started walking on his own... which he does very well now).  Caelan was playing catch with me. 

Now I have never been great at sports.  I was much more the Band Geek, photography, year book, kind of Gal in High School.  So, even though I have 3 brothers I never really threw a football very well.  So, after a little instruction ( he had to teach me I was the only one to play catch with at the time... Brian was not home yet )  Anyway... he showed me how to hold the ball and we were off.  I found out that I am pretty good at throwing the ball, but really not great at catching it.  LOL pretty much could have called that one!

  Once Brian got home he changed and came down to "play" some too!  Cody and I kicked the soccer ball back and forth, and watch the big boys throw the football.  They let Cody in on the fun some too!  All in all it was really a lovely afternoon.  

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