Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Technology Slip up ...

I have now had two instances where I was relying on my phone as my alarm clock and things went... well, wrong!  The first time was a few weeks ago when I traveled to Santa Rosa to pick up Cody from his Dad.  When I returned it was around 8pm and I didn’t really even look at my phone.  I plugged it in as I always do and went to bed.  Well, the next day I got up with my alarm, got ready and though I was doing good.  I was on scheduled to leave on time and everything... until Caelan came out and said,” Mom, why are you still here?”  to which, I responded...”what do you mean!”  Caelan then informed me of the time and I first thought how did I loose and hour!  Then I thought well Crap!  LOL so I will make sure to check my phone when I travel to NM to make sure it changes back to TX time.  

Well, you would have thought that I had learned to maybe not put all of my trust in my phone to wake me up.  Not so!  Again, I plugged in my phone last night and noticed that the battery icon was the only thing that came up... I thought hu I didn’t realized I was that low on power... Oh well, and went to bed.  Not even thinking you know that means that my pohone isn’t actually on!  It’s just charging.  So, at 6:45 this morning I woke up and realized my phone was actually off and that it’s a good think I woke up on my own... I wasn’t even late.  Though I didn’t do my normal routine we were able to get out the door on time.  So, lesson learned... I’m moving my alarm clock/ ipod charger to my room again and setting the alarm each night.  I need backup!

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