Monday, September 9, 2013

I Think I Can... Getting Organized... To do List

Good Morning!
Well we made it through the weekend.  My goal was to take it easy this weekend, which I did.  Yes, that actually is an accomplishment!  I usually can't make my self sit and just take it easy for very long.  There is too much to do.

Friday Got Done:
I really didn't get much done on Friday.  I had started to feel crummy and it was about all I could do to get through the day.  I started on the list for getting Registered and cleaned in the kitchen some but that was about it besides my posts.

I made the grocery list and managed to relax with my boys. 

Sunday I felt a little better.  My Hubby wanted me to rest up so we didn't go to church.  He and Caelan went to the store and I did my best to rest.  It was harder because I felt like there was a lot that needed to be done for the beginning of the week.  I did manage to make it until 5ish before I started pushing myself to clean etc.  I was hurting when I went to bed and paid for it all night.  I couldn't get comfortable and felt like I couldn't breath.  Baby is taking up more and more room and making sleeping harder.  Plus, she was majorly active last night.  I am usually able to ignore it when she gets active and still sleep, but not last night.  

Today's To do List:
Since I've been feeling crummy since I got up I am going to try to take it easy as much as possible today.

  • Call Caelan's Orthodontist
  • Mail Cody's Thank You
  • Posts
  • Bills
  • List of people to my Sis for Shower (Can't believe how fast time is going by!)
  • Dates in Calendar.

Here hoping to a restful day!

That's all for now!

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