Friday, September 6, 2013

Frugal Friday

Friday's are my day for sharing tips on being frugal!  I am big on saving money and anything I can do to help others do the same is great!
Found this idea on Pinterest! I love my meal board!
 Today I am going to share on meal planning. This is one thing that will help you save a TON of money!

Every week usually on Friday or on Saturday morning I plan the seven meals that we will make the following week.  Sometimes we end up having leftovers so I will have one or two meals that didn't get made.  I keep those on for the following week. 

I have this handy meal plan frame that I copied from pinterest.  This holds the meals for the week.  That way we know what we have to make.  It also helps because on the cards I have put the ingredients needed for the meal on the back.  That way when I go to make my grocery list I know all of the ingredients that I need to have.  That in it self saves me a ton of time!  As I add meals I make a new card for each meal with the ingredients on the back.
front of the card 
back of the card
I love how handy this is!  It has made meal planning easy!  

We don't eat out very often.  It is expensive!  Eating out is a special treat that doesn't happen very often. Most of our meals are easy and fast.  We are a big family with a schedule to keep.  Complicated meals usually don't get made very often for the very reason that we just don't have time for that! LOL  

Do you have any frugal tips that have helped you and your family keep on budget and have made your life easier?  If so please share!  

That's all for now!

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