Thursday, September 5, 2013

Throwback Thursday... or just catching up on some old posts!

It's Throwback Thursday... or at least for a while just a catch up day on old posts that I missed when I didn't have time to post all the time.

Today I am going to catch up on items that I didn't get to post about that happened in March 2013.  

St. Patties Day!
I love St. Patrick's Day and I had seen this on Pinterest and thought it was cute, easy, and had to be made! So, I put this together for the boys as a surprise on St. Patrick's Day morning.
 They are Climbing The Walls!!!
Caelan had been training for Wrestling, and was showing off for us one night. He can do push ups while doing a handstand against the wall!  Impressive!  Very impressive to little boys who want to be just like their big Bubba!  So, this is the boys trying to be like their big brother!  LOL was funny to watch... then I put a stop to it.  They were certainly having too much fun!  NO!  that's not why... I didn't want anyone to end up with a concussion!  LOL Boys will be boys!
Garrett giving it an attempt!  Our sweet puppy Kira is there for moral support!

OK so he went like this and then like this... We can totally do this!

Look at me MA!
 Caelan the night before braces!
This sweet boy with a sweet smile!  We will see that smile new and improved in a few years!

Coloring Eggs

Look at me!  I'm making a huge mess!

We decided the old fashion way is way better than these new ways... they didn't work that great!

Was not that impressed... we won't be doing this new kind again.
Easter Table
Look at the huge bunny Lollies that the Easter Bunny brought us!
I love this one!
and this one!
My little boys and I
Cody taking pictures!
haha I wish my eyes didn't look weird in this one!
Sweet boy!  I love you!
Let the Easter Egg hunt begin!
Garrett look over there!
Go Cody Go... leave some for your little brother...OK!

Garrett my boy... What has happened to your pants!
Garrett my sweet baby!  He's too cool for pants!  Fireman boots and a diaper... I'm good!

Not a care in the world... just loving life and having fun!
  Garrett... where are you.... Ding!  He's done!

LOL no I did NOT put him in the dryer... I was calling for Garrett because he had gone suspiciously quiet and I hadn't seen him in a few minutes... Ah I found you!  

Silly boy what are you doing in there?  Just playing!

Silly little boy!

Oh how he cracks me up some times!
 Bring your bear to school day!
Cody loves his bears!  He got to bring a bear to school and he had to make sure that he was safe on the ride there.  :-)

Cody and his bear!

That's all of the catching up for now!


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