Wednesday, September 4, 2013

A Few of My Favorite Things!

Happy Wednesday!  Hump Day is a GREAT! Day! 

So I am going to make Wednesday my day to share on the random things I love... photography, books, music, movies, TV shows, crafty crafts, you know a few of my favorite things!

So today random favorite thing that I want to share is the TV Show Game of Thrones.

Over the summer my little boys went to visit their Dad and during that month each night my Hubby and I sat down and watch anywhere between 2 to 3 episodes every night.  We don't have cable we just do Netflix, Hulu, and in this on the computer (We have a computer hooked up to our TV) we watched HBO episodes of Game of Thrones.  

I had gotten the books Game of Thrones a while back but hadn't had time to sit down and start reading them, but was pretty sure I would like the story line.  I was very right great story!  WARNING this is very mature content so you don't want any kiddos around... I even did not feel that our 15 year old really needed to be around.  Good thing he didn't want to be.  Now you may ask why watch a show that is so mature? It is not overly bloody or gory, but there is nudity and some language.  I am just a stickler for not letting my kids watch anything I do not feel is appropriate for their age.  

So, if you are looking for a great series this is a really good one.  Picture Kings, Queens, Princesses, Princesses...  also picture lots of weaving the story line around to keep you guessing and make you love and hate certain characters.  Great story, great actors, and a great entertainment experience.  I can not wait until the next season starts!!!!!

That's all for now!

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