Saturday, August 20, 2011

The Start

I have decided to start a Blog to share with family and friends about… well our life!  We love all of you dearly, but unfortunately do not get to live close to some of you.  I wanted to have another way to keep everyone up on how everyone is doing.
Ok so Cody turned 4 this year Aug. 5th.  He had a birthday party with us in Amarillo the weekend after his birthday.  He had a Super Hero party!  They dressed up and ran around pretending to be Super Hero’s.  Cody and his friend Zack played in the dirt at the park at got utterly filthy!  What better fun is there for a 4 year old!  J 
Cody and Garrett spent the past week with their Dad in Rio Rancho.  The first weekend they were there they had a birthday party for Cody.  From the pictures I saw it looks like they had a great time!  Cody got a rocket that you build and then shoot off… usually you are able to get the rocket back and use it again.  Unfortunately, because of time restraints they shot off the rocket when the weather was not optimal and the rocket got pulled up into a thunderstorm and is long gone!  So, Cody’s Dad is going to get him another one that they can shoot off another time when Cody is up there. 
Caelan starts school on Monday.  He will be starting 8th grade at a new school in a new school district.  He will be going to Westover Junior High.  Last week we got the school shopping done.  He is a little nervous, but excited all at the same time.  I just know he is going to do really great!
Cody and Garrett are starting at a new sitter this coming week as well.  We found Miss Jessie who lives in Canyon.  She lives a little out on a dirt road, but she has goats and dogs.  She has kiddos of her own and she loves watching kids.  She is a very nice lady who is about my age.  I am really glad that we found her.  This will be a much better environment for the kids. 
So, keep me in your thoughts on Monday!  We will have lots of first going on and a pretty early start to the day to get everyone where they need to be on time. 
I picked up the boys today and it was so good to give them hugs and kisses.  I missed them so much!  I was thinking while driving back from picking them up about how blessed I am.  I have been through a great deal this past year pregnancy, divorce, moving out of my house and in with my Brother and Sister-In Law, moving back to my home town… living with my X-In Laws, falling in love again, getting engaged, getting married, moving to Amarillo, TX!  Yes… I have been through a lot, but through all that I have come I have become stronger.  I have grown closer to God.  I have been so blessed in so many ways.  Last year at this time I was going through probably the hardest part of all the changes.  I was pregnant, and trying to come to terms with my marriage being over.  I was in a great deal of pain.  Truly the only way that I made it through all of that was with God’s help.  It was hard, but I am in such a better place now than I was then.  I would not say I am all of the way healed… I think that is something that will take time, but love heals all.  Life is good!
Well, that better be all for tonight!  TTFN ~ April

Of Course I had to add some pictures!  You know me!  ;-)

Group shot of Brian, Me, Garrett, Caelan, and Cody

Cody on his New Bike

Garrett being absolutely adorable!

Cody and Zack playing at the park during Cody's Birthday Party.

Cody with his Captain America mask on!  He had so much fun!

Cody and Zack having a blast being... boys!