Thursday, August 21, 2014

Countdown... T-minus 3 Days Til School Starts!!!

It's that time again when the kids are dreading what is coming and the parents are anticipating!!!  

We start the week before trying to get back into our normal school time schedule.  My two youngest boys spent a lot of the summer at their Dad's house so I kinda gave them a few days to start to get used to being home before I started pushing the back into school schedule thing.  I feel like this is good for the kids so they are somewhat into the routine and it's not as hard once we HAVE to do it!  Plus, I need this week to get me back into the schedule.  No more sleeping in for Mom either!  

I also have my now 7 year old doing some school stuff each day to get back into it.  They forget some during the summer, and I really didn't have any control over what he did as far as reading and practicing during the summer so I wanted to make sure he started to get back into it before school started.  It should make it a little easier that first week if he remembers at least a little bit from where he left off.  

What do you do to prep your kids before school starts?