Sunday, August 5, 2012

Cody's 5th Birthday!

Cody turned 5 years old today.  We had his party yesterday.  We started the day out with a little fort building and playing guns with brothers.  

 We then started decorating for the big party.  Cody was helping blow up balloons!  Garrett was chasing the balloons around as soon as we got done blowing them up.

 Right before lunch a big surprise showed up!  Cody new Bunk Bed!  Thank you so much Grandma, Grandpa, and Aunt Dee!  You guys are the best.  Oh, and we can't forget Uncle Bobby and Aunt Shanley who helped put the awesome bunk bed together.

Before eating everyone chatted and had a good time.  Garrett was snuggling with Brian.

 Caelan hanging out enjoying some good tea!

Uncle Bobby and Aunt Shanley with baby Rylan!

All my boys!

 Snacks and awesome Guitar Cup Cakes

We had fun decorating 

Caelan hanging Cody upside down.  He was loving it!

Mom and Bobby chatting

Aunt Shanlee with Baby Rylan and Aunt Dee

 Garrett thought the snacks were yummy!  Especially carrots with peanut butter.

 Aww Baby Rylan is getting so big!  We love him so much!

 It was then time to play pin the guitar on the Rock Star.  Caelan got to go first.  Cody wanted to go 2nd.

Spinning... Spinning... Spinning... Caelan then said I'm already getting dizzy!  LOL, Spinning!

Whow!  Where's the wall!

 Hee Hee  love that!

Cody's turn!

 Spinning... Spinning... 5 times since your 5 years old!

 Hmmm we think Cody might have been able to see through the bandanna

 Garrett's Turn!



 Ummm why do I have to have this thing on my head... I can't see a thing!

 Good job Garrett!

Tee Hee!  Uncle Bobby's turn!  He had no choice in this... Cody picked who else got to play!

 Spinning!, Spinning, Ok we'll just do 5 like Cody!

 Hmm how about right here!

 Lots of fun!  Cody won!  He is the birthday boy!

 Rylan thought all of this looked like a lot of fun.  He is going to play next time as soon as he can stand up!

 Time to sing Happy Birthday!  Cody was so embarrassed!  Happy Birthday to you... Happy Birthday to you... Happy Birthday dear Cody... Happy Birthday to you!



Cody got a new scooter!

A remote control truck

 a robot bug

a new paper jam guitar... that we can load songs onto!

Cody has requested, "I love Rock and Roll", Dirt Road Anthem, Airplane Song... this is just to start with...

 Very nice clothes... He is about to start going to school!

 Awesome Spidey sheets for his new bed

 Cool new games for his Leapster

Cody was very excited to get out and try his new scooter!

Doing Tricks!

 Did you see that!

More Tricks

Garrett was excited that Cody got a new scooter too!  Now he gets to ride on Cody's old scooter!

Caelan playing football

Family Photo! 

 Sweet little Garrett!

Umm I don't think that's how you are supposed to do it!

 Cody trying to tackle Caelan!

Cody you are such a sweet boy!  I am so proud of you!  I can't wait to see all that you grown into as you continue to grow up.  You make everyday exiting and new!

Wow all that playing makes me thirsty!

Cody had a jam session after his bath

 These pics are from a few days ago.  Cody got a package in the mail for Aunt Melissa and Uncle Corey!  They were super excited to see what was inside.

Batman is awesome!

 Batman is cool!

Batman is my favorite... along with all the other super awesome superhero's

Who knew! 

Garrett knew!  He dressed for the occasion!

Cody got to help with his cupcakes(sorry these were supposed to go up higher but showed up down at the bottom...)

Cody likes to help eat chocolate out of the bowl!

See it's so good I decided to get it all over my face!

 yummmmm Chocolate comma!