Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Helping out a Friend...

When all of the craziness that has happened this past year started I had no idea that in less than a year I would actually feel grateful that though it was hard and a true trial  with God’s help I have come out on top!  I am healing and have found that having gone through this allows me to be able to help others who are going through something really difficult too.  I have a good friend who is going through a rough time that is somewhat similar to what I went through.  Being able to offer support and understanding because I went through something so similar helps me feel good.  I am glad that I am able to help her.  At least since all that hard trying stuff had to happen this past year at least I am able to use those experiences to help other people.  

Inspiration from the Pioneer Woman...

Recently I found a Blog by the Pioneer Woman( http://thepioneerwoman.comhas inspired me in my photography.  I love photography, but with the craziness of life I have gotten to where I have relied on the Auto on my camera a bit too much!  See the Pioneer Woman loves photography too and she has some post about using the S, A, and M!  on your camera.  I’ve been inspired and I am working on using these functions a lot more often.  Just in case you don’t know... S allows you to adjust the Shutter Speed on Digital SLR’s.  A allows you to adjust the aperture and M allows you to go full manual!  So... thank you Pioneer Woman for inspiring me to not be lazy and to use my camera not just on auto!  

Garrett’s a Toddler

Garrett is walking all by himself!  He has even figured out the getting up with out pulling on someone or something to get there!!  He is so adorable as he waddles around.

Technology Slip up ...

I have now had two instances where I was relying on my phone as my alarm clock and things went... well, wrong!  The first time was a few weeks ago when I traveled to Santa Rosa to pick up Cody from his Dad.  When I returned it was around 8pm and I didn’t really even look at my phone.  I plugged it in as I always do and went to bed.  Well, the next day I got up with my alarm, got ready and though I was doing good.  I was on scheduled to leave on time and everything... until Caelan came out and said,” Mom, why are you still here?”  to which, I responded...”what do you mean!”  Caelan then informed me of the time and I first thought how did I loose and hour!  Then I thought well Crap!  LOL so I will make sure to check my phone when I travel to NM to make sure it changes back to TX time.  

Well, you would have thought that I had learned to maybe not put all of my trust in my phone to wake me up.  Not so!  Again, I plugged in my phone last night and noticed that the battery icon was the only thing that came up... I thought hu I didn’t realized I was that low on power... Oh well, and went to bed.  Not even thinking you know that means that my pohone isn’t actually on!  It’s just charging.  So, at 6:45 this morning I woke up and realized my phone was actually off and that it’s a good think I woke up on my own... I wasn’t even late.  Though I didn’t do my normal routine we were able to get out the door on time.  So, lesson learned... I’m moving my alarm clock/ ipod charger to my room again and setting the alarm each night.  I need backup!


Family is such an important part of my life... I grew up in a big family and having those bonds with my siblings has been so important to me.  This past year has shown me again how much my family means to me.

 I have seen Cody and Garrett bonding on many occasions and aside from the fact that it is absolutely adorable... it warms my heart that they will be close. 

 I see them bonding with Caelan as well.  Caelan was at first a little overwhelmed with being a big brother to two instantly, but he has adjusted and he loves them very much.  How awesome is it for all three of them to have each other.  

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

A Lovely Afternoon...

A few weeks ago it was so nice outside that all of us... me and the 4 males of the house... went outside to" play."  Cody was kicking his soccer ball around, and just running (that kid does love to run).  Garrett was crawling around, and watching all of us (this was a short while before he started walking on his own... which he does very well now).  Caelan was playing catch with me. 

Now I have never been great at sports.  I was much more the Band Geek, photography, year book, kind of Gal in High School.  So, even though I have 3 brothers I never really threw a football very well.  So, after a little instruction ( he had to teach me I was the only one to play catch with at the time... Brian was not home yet )  Anyway... he showed me how to hold the ball and we were off.  I found out that I am pretty good at throwing the ball, but really not great at catching it.  LOL pretty much could have called that one!

  Once Brian got home he changed and came down to "play" some too!  Cody and I kicked the soccer ball back and forth, and watch the big boys throw the football.  They let Cody in on the fun some too!  All in all it was really a lovely afternoon.  

Some Catching Up to do...

Caelan during the game

 So much for keeping up with my blog and with posting at least once a week!  LOL So, I have some post I will make in the next couple of day to get me caught up.  But I am going to start from where I am today... for today! Cody and Garrett are with their Dad this week so it's just the three of us.  Caelan had a football game today and Brian and I both we able to go. He has had many games but they start at 4pm, which makes it really hard for us to make it.  It was really fun and we all had a great time.  He made some great hits!