Monday, January 16, 2012

A Weekend with Family

This past weekend was my Mom's birthday weekend!  My youngest brother, his wife and my Mom came to visit.  We had a good time catching up!  On Saturday afternoon the boys were getting restless from sitting around visiting so we went outside to let them burn off some excess energy! 

One of the little boys that lives by us was riding a scooter.  Cody asked if he could ride it.  The little boy let Cody ride it and he took of scooting around... 

 Then, I heard him crying.  I looked up to see Caelan running over to Cody who had run head first right into a metal box holding a fire extinguisher.  OUCH!  I figured he'd have a little bump and a bit of a head ache but nothing major.  I ran over to see if he was ok.  Caelan was helping him walk back with the scooter when I got to them.  I picked Cody up right as Caelan looked at his hand and realized that Cody was bleeding and he had gotten some on his hand.  (So, much for just a bump) I calmly said, "OK, lets go inside and get you cleaned up..."  Cody had heard Caelan say that he was bleeding and then started crying again.  "I'm bleeding!"  Of course some of our neighbors had just started up the stairs to their apartment and were looking on with concerned looks.  I went over to Mom and gave her my key's... calmly explained what happened and can she help me get in the door.  We headed up stairs.

Luckily I had extra hands because it would have been interesting get us and all our stuff back up stairs with a bleeding kid, but everyone helped out and it was not big deal.  

I sat Cody down on the kitchen counter and started wiping away the blood to try to see how bad it was.  Just a scratch.  I  put some Melaleuca Oil on it to disinfect it and numb it a little.  Then got him some Ibuprofen for the head ache I was sure was coming. Thank You Cody for giving us our excitement for the day!  :-)  

He was actually pretty brave and was as always my tough little dude!