Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Grilling & Playing outside!

It's Grilling time!

The Boy!

March 2013

When we moved in Paw Paw and Nanan got us an awesome home warming gift!  A Grill!  We needed to season the grill so I let Caelan get busy on building a big fire in the grill to burn off all the paint!  Hot dogs that taste like paint just doesn’t sound very appetizing!  Boy did he get the fire hot enough!  Yikes!  

The BIG Snow Storm of 2013!!!

The Boys and I all bundled up to go out in the snow!

The view from our garage

My hubby shoveling the snow

February 25, 2013
We had been hearing that this storm was going to be big!  It wasn’t that I didn’t believe them… I just didn’t believe them!  Holy Moly!  Look at all that snow!  So Mom and Dad stayed home and there was no school!  In fact no one was going anywhere even if they wanted to!  So we had fun!... ventured out to get some wood from the shed in the back to have a fire, and let the kids play a little.  It was so deep that it was really hard to do much of anything.  Brian and I ventured out to start to clear the driveway later in the afternoon and realized very quickly this was going to be a big job.  Plus we didn’t even have any shovels!  Luckily we have really nice neighbors!  They even helped dig us out some.  We got close, but not close enough to actually get to the road.  So, it was very clear that no one was going anywhere the next day either.  

Monday, August 5, 2013

Crazy Hair!!!

Cody and G showing off their CRAZY Hair!
Hey we're cool!

February,22nd  2013
Cody’s school is having Crazy Hair day to raise money.  The kids can enter into a contest.  So Cody wanted to have spiky hair and he wanted it colored!  So, we decided to try chalk.  It worked pretty good the only thing is his hair was a bit wet still from the gel and making it spiky so it was kinda hard to get the chalk to come off.  I think it would have worked better if I had let it dry all the way and then tried the chalk.  It was fun and Cody loved it!


New House!!!

Our New House!!!

One of the first nights that we took stuff to the house


Boys hanging out before we moved in 
As we started moving in

February 2013
Gosh it seems late to be finally putting this on here, but I’ve been a very busy lady and there just has not been time.  I see that changing in the future!  We started moving into our new house the beginning of February.  We took whatever we could fit in our cars in loads ever night that first week of February.  We did the big move that following weekend. 
I was amazed at how much stuff we fit into that apartment!  I kept thinking how did all of this stuff fit in here.  We now have so much more room and we love it.  There is a big room for the kids to play and for the big “kids” to play!  A backyard that the boys can go outside and play whenever they want to.  It is really great! 
We feel so blessed and again I am amazed by God’s amazing timing.  Everything works out!


Ouch!! Wrestling can hurt!

Going to hurt for a while!

January, 29th 2013
Caelan got to take a trip to the ER!  I got a call from the trainer while I was work that Caelan had gotten hurt during wrestling and that his ankle may be broken!  Not good news… So, I went and got him from school and we headed to the hospital.  After getting it x-rayed it showed that it was just a bad sprang  but that he would need to stay off of it for a while and that it was going to be a painful long process.