Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Home Made Apple Goodness!!

I used to think that making home made Apple sauce was really hard to make (no idea what I was basing this on...that is just what I thought) I saw on pintrest how to make apple sauce and thought that sounds ridiculously easy I have to try this!! I did and it was so amazingly delicious. So here is how you make home made apple sauce...

Get two bags of your favorite 3 pound bag of apple's.
Peel them and cut them up...they don't have to be cut up into small pieces.
Put the Apple's in the crock pot
If you like cinnamon put cinnamon in with the apple's
Cook for 4-6 hours
I stir them every now and then
Mash then up and eat them!!
That's it!!
I put them in canning jars and seal them