Monday, August 22, 2011

1st Day of School

Today was the first day of school for Caelan.  He started 8th grade today.  He started at a new school this year.  He seemed maybe a little nervous… but mostly really excited.  I got to drop him off this morning because Brian had to do inventory at his work and work from 7pm to after 5am… yes that’s right ALL NIGHT LONG!!  So, he didn’t take Caelan to school this morning because he was going to sleep!  J  Brian did see us off this morning though.  We left at 7:20ish.  We dropped Caelan off first and then I took the boys to their new sitter Miss Jessie.  Jessica lives a little way out of town.  It’s in town, but out of town… anyway!  It is worth the drive!  Cody and Garrett had a great time and she is a great lady!  Cody actually told me he wanted to live there today after I picked them up and was asking him about his day.  J  So, much better than the day care that I was taking them too. She is doing preschool with Cody also!
Caelan was so excited he was actually talking nonstop when we got home telling us about his day!  I think he likes it!  J  It was really cute how excited he was!
All in all it was a great Monday!  Dinner made when I got home… little boys to bed early!  All chores…etc. done in a reasonable time and I am going to have time to post this tonight!  I think we may have gotten this figured out.  Well, until tomorrow!  Hehe 
I am just grateful for today and all of the joys it brought!  I look forward to tomorrow and all of the adventures that it may hold! 

So proud of my boys!!