Wednesday, August 29, 2012

A Scary Moment for This Mamma!

Cody had his first day of school on Monday and on Tuesday was the first day for him to ride the bus.  Cody was so excited about getting to ride the bus.  I walked him to the bus stop and watched as my little guy climbed up those stairs and into the bus.  He is growing up so fast! 

In the afternoon I had arranged with the Bus Transportation that Cody would ride the bus to the High School so my Aunt could watch him until I get off work.  Cody had a tag on his backpack so that everyone should know where he is supposed to go.  Well, things didn't go as planned.  The panick started to hit when my Aunt sent me a text message asking what route Cody was supposed to be on.  I thought hmmm I wonder if there is a problem...  Didn't hear anything more so I sent Caelan a text a little bit later... did you guys find Cody? He had just arrived at my Aunts Classroom and said I'll go check.  Well, then I get a text that Cody didn't get off the bus at the High School.  This is when real panick starts to hit!  I started calling the Bus Transportation office... couldn't get anyone... My Aunt was doing the same thing on her side...right around here my Hubby Brian sent me a message he was off from work should he pick up the boys.  I said They can't find Cody!  He started looking at the apartment.  I was just about to call the school when Brian messaged he found Cody.  He had gone on the bus to go home not to go to the High School.  Whew! Relief set in and I literally started to shake!

Now that it is over... and I have gotten everything straightened out with the school and the Bus Transportation so that Cody will get where he is supposed to be I can breathe.  I am so greatful that things worked out the way that they did.  Cody rode the bus home and our neighbor who picked up her son realized that Cody's Mom wasn't there she took him to her house and the boys played.  Cody didn't even know anything was wrong.  I am glad that he wasn't worried and that it worked out ok.  It could have been so much worse.  That said I feel for any parent that has been through anything like this!  I first was just a little panicked and as time went on I became more upset!  Thank God Cody had his Guardian Angel watching over him yesterday!

A Day of First's!

Cody in front of his school on his first day of school!
Caelan on his first day as a Freshman in High School!

This past Monday was the first day of school for two of my Kiddo's.  It was a day of firsts.  First day of High School for Caelan!  First day of Kindergarten for Cody!  It was a day filled with excitement, and nerves.  Caelan took the bus for the first time!  He said that he really likes High School and that he likes all of his teachers.  I took Cody for his first day to make sure he was settled and comfortable.  He did great and said he loved it!  Cody's Dad came all the way from Albuquerque to pick him up after school!  I thought that was awesome!  They went and got Ice Cream and later dinner!  What a special treat for Cody!  It was also a day of first for me.  The first day of many to come that I rise even earlier to make sure that everyone gets off to their detinations on time and with everything they need for the day.  It was a good day!

Cody eating breakfast
Garrett eating breakfast

Caelan didn't really want his picture taken, but I told him his Mom is a photographer... get over it! LOL

Cody is all ready to rock out at his first day of school!

Our Puppy Kira was really sure why everyone was up so early... can I go back to sleep now!

Garrett was my helper he was taking pictures too!
Cody in front of his school!  Can't believe how grown up he is!
Cody at his desk in his classroom