Monday, September 8, 2014

It's Monday!?!?!?!?

my two youngest and I playing!

It's Monday and with every Monday comes that uggh I have so much to do feeling... and I'm tired already!  That's OK.  It only took me a little while to get motivated and organized today so I am on track.  

How was your weekend?  Mine was... busy... it always is!  Let see to recap...  

Friday it rained!!  Yes this is a big deal around here.  We live in the Texas Panhandle and we have been in drought for a while now.  Rain is good!  We went to one of our favorite burger places in town and ate dinner with my Aunt.  It is so good to catch up!  My oldest (we sometimes call him "The Teenager" since he's the only Teen in the house right now)  The Teenager was wanting to go to a Homecoming Game for one of the local schools (neither team was "his" team).  This was completely to spend time with his girlfriend.  Being that I remember what it was like to be in high school and make those special memories that you will remember for every and ever... I was ok with it him going. Yet, not really OK with the fact that this school was on the opposite side of town.  Anyway long story short he went but there was much Teenage Drama and Teenage Mistake made to where The Teenager was in big doo doo when it was time to get him. It is way to much to go into in this post, but I feel a Teenage Rant coming on so stay tuned!  All is well now, but uggh Teenagers!

Saturday was filled with making the meal plan, grocery list, and actually going to the grocery store.  I don't know about you guys but going to the grocery store is exhausting!  I tried something new this time.  I've been thinking about doing this for a while but money is always an issue and I am still not completely convinced that the little added cost is worth it.  Instead of shopping at one Mega Superstore (aka Wallyworld)  I went to Target and our local grocery store.  The thought was that it would be less crowded, stressful, and the overall experience would be a lot better.  Now Target was pretty good as far as the crowds and experience.  I've always loved Target.  I can't say that the local grocery store was less crowded than Wal-Mart would have been because it was packed!  Then trying to find things in the store and the items available being different.  I am not 100% sold on it so we shall see...  Saturday night I had planned on getting some things done, but fell asleep snuggling my little G man and didn't wake up until 11!  Oh, well...

Sunday was filled with new classes at church, and a great service.  Once we got home we worked on getting some items up in the attic, and moving our old dryer out and the new to us dryer in.(thank you Nan Nan and Paw Paw for the new to us dryer)  The Teenager did a great job moving stuff around.  Sunday evening I made a new meal that I saw on Pintrest!  We discussed a small tweek that we will do next time and then it will be perfect! (and then I will share it here for all of you to try it!)  My hubby's brother came over to help with a toilet issue (he's a plumber so that is so so helpful!)  He stayed for dinner!  More catching up and visiting!  Kids in bed and ready for the new week and then my hubby and I sat down to watch my show!  I am a huge fan of the Outlander series by Diana Gaboldon and it has recently been made into a show on Starz.  I am loving it!  They have done a great job!  Then it was off to bed for me.  

Busy but good weekend!

So now it's Monday and I have so much to get done.  On the list for today:
Laundry, Go to the Bank, get a prescription filled, Write! :-), post about my kiddos fundraiser(hey do you want to buy some overpriced popcorn, or maybe some chocolate?  It's for a good cause!), Clean bathrooms, and if I have time vacuum. This is of course on top of and when there is any free moment while taking care of kiddos! Ahh let the running around like a chicken with my head cut off begin!  LOL


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