Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Where does all the time go?

I find myself again today wondering where did the time go? My baby girl is turning 1 in one week! How did that go by so fast?

Truthfully I know how it happens...
It goes something like this:

Somewhere between 5:30 and 6 Wake up and get ready ( this actually is a lot more like hurry to put my self together good enough so I don't look like I just rolled out of bed when my babysitting kids start arriving because I slept in just a little to long... Again )

6:30 wake up boys to start getting ready for school...( this involves facing walking through the jungle of boy stuff all on the floor, dodging the play pen that didn't get put up from the day before, all in the dark while being bombarded by what can only be described as a boys room musk! Ewww) Start coffee, make lunches, pack younger boys backpack, check weather, start laundry, make my breakfast, get baby up, change baby, sit baby in high chair with breakfast

6:45 wake up boys again tell them what the weather will be like.( particularly important to remind my middle boy that this means he needs to wear pants and long sleeves or what ever is appropriate) Make younger of the two sit up in bed, eat my breakfast (quickly while doing other things) make breakfast for younger boys as they are both up now, down first cup of coffee( if I haven't finished my first cup by this point we're are all in trouble)

7 wake up oldest boy again threaten to get ice cubes if necessary! Prod middle boy along are you done eating, get your shoes on, hurry up buddy! Get baby dressed

7:20ish babysitting kids start to arrive, chatting with parents so I know how kiddos are doing, etc, continue to prod middle boy along

7:30 wake husband, continue to prod middle boy along, rinse dishes, general craziness has started, youngest boy wants cartoon, babies are all underfoot, or getting into stuff.....

7:40 wake husband again you have to get up and take kids to school... Now!

7:45 boys out the door on the way to school. Feed babysitting kids that need breakfast
At this point it varies day to day but involves a lot of chasing babies, changing diapers, getting juice and snacks, cleaning high chair, kissing boo boos, giving hugs, trying to squeeze in all the millions of other things I need to get done, starting cartoons, putting babies down for naps, and really a ton more! 

By the time the kids are picked up I am usually pretty wiped out, but the day is not over there is still cleaning up, making dinner, getting homework done, eating dinner, ( if there is any events like football practice or choir concerts this just adds to the fun!)kids bathed, quiet time ( which is just quiet time watching a show as a family) getting kids to sleep. Trying to squeeze in folding clothes, cleaning, and whatever I can before I pass out in bed!

How could a day like this go by in a flash... I don't really know since looking at this now I am thinking it's no wonder I feel over whelmed a lot of times, but that said... It does go by in a flash.
So my baby girl is turning 1 and in a way it went by so fast. I am excited! My girl is such a sweetie and I am loving watching her grow and learn. Her little personality blooms more each day! She is so fun! I knew it would go fast, it really did! I just keep trying to make the most of each day, remember the big moments, and continue to be so grateful that I get to be here with her everyday to see and share those big moments!!

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