Wednesday, May 27, 2015

My Clumsy Self and I... Laundry Soap Pods Fail!

Happy Hump Day Everyboy!

So, my goal yesterday and today during the day has been to get caught up on laundry after a super busy weekend where I completely ignored the laundry!  (In my house that means the always present mountain of laundry has grown ALARMINGLY HIGH!) I was admittedly in a hurry starting the next load in the washer when the clumsies attacked!

Ok... so I am always looking to save money, but lately if it makes things run smoother and quicker I have been willing to pay a little more. So, I decided to get these cool laundry pods instead of making my own laundry soap (like I have been doing for about a year now).  I've been using them for about a week and loving that it's a simple grab and toss into the washer. It's great unless you have these darn clumsy genes that have been lovingly passed onto you!  (Love you Mamma!)  

So, I reached up to grab a pod out of the container to toss into the washer and knocked the whole bucket over... pouring about 10 pods into the washer!  Yikes!  I reached in and started fishing out little slippery pods... slippery as they had started to dissolve instantly when in contact with water!  I got about 5 out when the ones in my hand started to leak!  All the time visions of soap pouring out of my washer all over the place if I don't get these out of here... surely that is way to much soap!  So, I got all but two out... plus a little leaking between my fingers.  I dashed to the sink to dispose of the rest of them as there was no saving them now... they were a congealed leaking blob in my hand at this point.  

I washed the blob off of my hand and started adding clothes.  So far no bubbles are pouring out of the washer so hopefully I escaped that nightmare with this clumsy experience... this time!

Hopefully your day is less exciting and clumsy as mine!  :-)


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