Sunday, October 16, 2016

My Long Long Day...

Today has been one of the longest day's I've had in a long time!  We had one of my son's best friends spend the night last night and after making a fort and staying up til after 12 they finally fell asleep!  So somewhere around 12:30 I got to bed.  I woke up at 4:30 to the light in the hall bathroom being on.  I thought someone needed the restroom no biggie and layed there waiting for the sounds of sleepy going back to sleep... I heard instead kids not so quietly whispering and making a lot of noise.  So, I get up to check out what's up.  They are dressed with their backpacks full of nerf guns on their backs like their about to head out on a great hunting trip! I let them know that this really isn't going to work for me and they better get back to bed!  Hello! It's 4 in the morning not ok to wake the sleepy Mommy with this sort of thing... So, I go get back in bed and listen to make sure they are doing what they are told.  After 2 more times of going in and getting on to them. I move to the couch because at least this way there is no way to sneak past me and maybe I'll be able to get a little more sleep.  It worked!  Thank you Jesus!  Then here comes my almost 3 year old awake looking for Mommy.  I bring her to the couch with me forget it we'll snuggle and maybe snooze a little.  Who needs sleep anyway... really!

Thank goodness I was able to prolong the snuggles and snoozing until about 7:30 when they all came out and started asking for drinks and food.  :-)  That's ok because shortly after this they went outside to play.

Extra kiddo get's picked up and older son goes with them to watch his friend play at his football game.  We eat lunch and get ready for younger sons Soccer game.  It was SO HOT!  96 degrees to be exact.  To hot to be outside watching 5 and 6 year olds run around chasing a soccer ball.  Sorry I think I just won the worst coach ever awards, but sometimes it's just to hot to be out for that sort of thing.  Poor kids were red in the face.  We were short 3 kids so 3 kids got to play extra which normally they would love, but in this heat by the end of the game they were begging for it to be over already!  They held in there and gave it their all.  :-)

We headed home and shortly after getting home I headed to the grocery stores to get our weekly groceries.  6 stores and 4 hours later I pull in the drive!  We unload the groceries and get them put away.  My sweet little angel had fallen asleep in the car on the way home from soccer so when we came in I layed her down for a little nap.  So, late nap equals up til 11pm not wanting to go to sleep. UGH  I am so ready to go to crash right now, but Mommy duty is not done yet.

My youngest son turns 6 tomorrow!  I am printing labels to put on cookies to send for school birthday celebrating tomorrow!  I love him... I love him a lot... other wise I'd so be in bed right now!  LOL  The things we do for our kids!  He is so excited to have a birthday celebration with all his new friends at school!  I may sound grumpy and tired in this post but this long long day has been good and I am truly blessed to have so much to be grateful for!


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